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Hello, and welcome to the site of the Clubbers Golf Society in Garstang, situated Nr, Preston in the heart of rural Lancashire.


Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will find a friendly and supportive community of Clubbers who share your passion for golf.


Historically based at Garstang Golf Club which officially opened its doors in 1992, when the clubhouse and pro-shop were based in what affectionately became known as “The Wood Hut”, a million miles away from the clubhouse and hotel we see today.


If I can take you back to the year 1998, a year when:


  1. We associated the surnames, Clinton and Lewinsky

  2. Europeans agree on a single currency.

  3. The Furby, was our pet.

  4. Titanic won 11 Oscars at the Academy Awards

  5. Sadly, Frank Sinatra died.

  6. Tony Blair was in his first year of office.

  7. Oh! And the last time Scotland qualified for a world cup, (sorry, couldn’t resist.)



Some of the original members had begun refining their golfing skills at either Garstang “Wood Hut” (if anyone has any photos of this then please send them on,) or, Forrest Hills in Galgate Nr. Lancaster.

Discussions began in the bar of the Kings Arms, Garstang, with Licensees at the time, Mick “Gornall” & Jackie, and some of the more regular than regulars, (you know who you are,) culminating in the formation of the Kings Clubbers Golf Society.


The first official meeting was held late November 1998 with the initial agreement to hold monthly meetings monthly with an AGM every December.

My fondest memory of that first AGM in December 1998 was to be nominated, (unbeknown to me,) as Society Secretary. With seemingly, unanimous backing, not to mention, a severe lack of alternative candidates coming forward, I “gladly” accepted this post.


And so, began, the Clubbers story.


12 monthly competitions were to be held at Garstang Golf Club, twice yearly away trips to different golf Clubs in the area, not to mention, a yearly 2 night stay at a prestigious venue, (initially Hill Valley Golf Club in Shropshire,) focussing purely on our golf rather than staying in the bar till 3.00am – sadly, some, the majority, or even all present, didn’t adhere to this golfing focus. (Guilty as charged!).

The foundations now set, 25 years on, and we still keep the same sort of annual format, although some of the venues have been retained, we hold our monthly competitions at various courses locally.




Golf is a game with more rules, appendixes and subsections to rules than you will ever find. Suffice to say, as amateurs and newbies to the game, this was always going to pose a problem.

The input of our “professional members” Major Sam Tipping & Fred Sutcliffe, sadly now both passed, was without doubt, the reason this society grew & prospered, we survived, we learned the rules, the etiquette, eventually!

For those who remember Garstang Course in its formative years, the trees you see their today, were once staked saplings in what became known as “plantations.” Because these were staked trees in their infancy, should your ball come to rest in a plantation with staked trees, you could take what we refer to as a “Free Drop”. “No Penalty”, now this was a godsend to both me & many other novice golfers and higher handicappers. OR SO WE THOUGHT!


Between them both, Sam & Fred quickly pointed out, (having observed many infringements in the first few months,)

  1. You actually had to find your ball in the plantation to benefit from the free drop.

  2. A free drop, at that time, was to raise the ball to shoulder height and drop it from a designated length from the plantation. (not, throwing or kicking it out of the trees – not waling to where you thought it went in & throwing a ball down.

Sam & Fred were the ones who let us know, you couldn’t take practice swings in a bunker and contact the sand, having witnessed scenes from a Marty Feldman sketch, or the 80’s Hamlet Cigar add. (Google it!)

And so, we grew, we prospered, in 2014 with Mick & Jackie now resident at The Farmers Arms Garstang, we relocated and became “The Clubbers – Garstang”.



We’ve had our share of tragedy & upheavals along the way, sadly some founder and early members, haven’t been able to share the 25-year journey. Sometimes sudden, sometimes tragic & sometimes after succumbing to illness, their names can be found on our bench outside the clubhouse at Garstang.


The bench recalls their names, sadly missed, forever in our hearts, but it’s down to us as individuals to recall our memories, share their personalities and accomplishments, appreciate the input they had within our society.

We will always remember you.



Your committee:

Please, always appreciate people who give up their time and commitment voluntarily to further the cause of a sporting club / society. They do so tirelessly in their own time to benefit you, the members or participants.

In my experience, as a founding committee member back in 1998, they don’t want thanks or appreciation, we / they, take the satisfaction from members enjoying their day / event, from taking the society forward in both membership numbers and future plans.


There are still a couple present on the committee from day 1 – 25 years on, never underestimate the responsibilities they feel as either a figurehead, an events organiser or in charge of financial aspects of the club, as I said, they’re not in it for thanks or personal praise.


As Bryan Adams put it; THEY DO IT FOR YOU!


In Closing:


Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you'll find a friendly welcoming group at the Clubbers Golf Society.

Come and join us for a round of golf, a nice cold beer and a bite to eat. You won't regret it!






Many thanks for your time.


Kind regards,


Andrew Pyke

Chairman David Wright 
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