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Fixture List 2023

January Postponed:
February 5th Knott End Stableford:     
Winner Wayne Conroy Stableford 42pts 

March 13th Staining Bogey:                 
Winner Alasdair Egerton 

April 7th Sam Tipping Trophy:             
Winner Darren Hopkinson 

April 23rd League Stableford:                               
Winner Roddy Bettany 37pts 

May 15th League Medal:                     
Winner Roddy Bettany 66
June 11th League Bogey:                     
Winner Darren Hopkinson 2 under
July Stableford

Winner Wayne Conroy 43pts 
August Medal

Winner Matthew Mannion 70
September 2nd & 3rd Captains Day Formby
Winner Phil Lucas 25pts 
September 23rd Knott End

Winner Bunker Dave Gardiner 67  
October 2nd Shaun Cross Memorial Trophy

Winners Dave Gardiner & Matthew Mannion
October 15th Stableford 
Winner Phil Lucas 43pts... what a bandit 

Winner Roddy Bettany 34pts  
Winner Shane Hughes 43pts

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